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Enteric Nervous System-Derived IL-18 Orchestrates Mucosal Barrier Immunity.

Jarret, A., R. Jackson, C. Duizer, M. E. Healy, J. Zhao, J. M. Rone, P. Bielecki, E. Sefik, M. Roulis, T. Rice, K. N. Sivanathan, T. Zhou, A. G. Solis, H. Honcharova-Biletska, K. Velez, S. Hartner, J. S. Low, R. Qu, M. R. de Zoete, N. W. Palm, A. M. Ring, A. Weber, A. E. Moor, Y. Kluger, R. Nowarski*, and R. A. Flavell*. 2020

Cell 180: 50-63 e12.

Issac Cell20.jpg

Gut-Innervating Nociceptor Neurons Regulate Peyer's Patch Microfold Cells and SFB Levels to Mediate Salmonella Host Defense.

Lai, N. Y., M. A. Musser, F. A. Pinho-Ribeiro, P. Baral, A. Jacobson, P. Ma, D. E. Potts, Z. Chen, D. Paik, S. Soualhi, Y. Yan, A. Misra, K. Goldstein, V. N. Lagomarsino, A. Nordstrom, K. N. Sivanathan, A. Wallrapp, V. K. Kuchroo, R. Nowarski, M. N. Starnbach, H. Shi, N. K. Surana, D. An, C. Wu, J. R. Huh, M. Rao, and I. M. Chiu. 2020

Cell 180: 33-49 e22.

stromal cell inflammation

The Stromal Intervention: Regulation of Immunity and Inflammation at the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Barrier.

Nowarski, R., R. Jackson, and R. A. Flavell. 2017

Cell 168: 362-375.

goblet cell intestinal barrier

Epithelial IL-18 Equilibrium Controls Barrier Function in Colitis.

Nowarski, R., R. Jackson, N. Gagliani, M. R. de Zoete, N. W. Palm, W. Bailis, J. S. Low, C. C. Harman, M. Graham, E. Elinav, and R. A. Flavell. 2015.

Cell 163: 1444-1456.

goblet cell

NLRP6 inflammasome orchestrates the colonic host-microbial interface by regulating goblet cell mucus secretion.

Wlodarska, M., C. A. Thaiss, R. Nowarski, J. Henao-Mejia, J. P. Zhang, E. M. Brown, G. Frankel, M. Levy, M. N. Katz, W. M. Philbrick, E. Elinav, B. B. Finlay, and R. A. Flavell. 2014.

Cell 156: 1045-1059.

immune system cancer
inflammation induced cancer

Innate immune cells in inflammation and cancer.

Nowarski, R., N. Gagliani, S. Huber, and R. A. Flavell. 2013.

Cancer Immunology Research 1: 77-84.

Inflammation-induced cancer: crosstalk between tumours, immune cells and microorganisms.

Elinav, E., R. Nowarski, C. A. Thaiss, B. Hu, C. Jin, and R. A. Flavell. 2013.

Nature Reviews Cancer 13: 759-771.

DNA editing cancer
Apobec3g cancer

APOBEC3 cytidine deaminases in double-strand DNA break repair and cancer promotion.

Nowarski, R., and M. Kotler. 2013.

Cancer Research 73: 3494-3498.

APOBEC3G enhances lymphoma cell radioresistance by promoting cytidine deaminase-dependent DNA repair.

Nowarski, R., O. I. Wilner, O. Cheshin, O. D. Shahar, E. Kenig, L. Baraz, E. Britan-Rosich, A. Nagler, R. S. Harris, M. Goldberg, I. Willner, and M. Kotler. 2012.

Blood 120: 366-375.

DNA translocation

Hypermutation by intersegmental transfer of APOBEC3G cytidine deaminase.

Nowarski, R., E. Britan-Rosich, T. Shiloach, and M. Kotler. 2008.

Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 15: 1059-1066.

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